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To Balance & Heal with CBD oil

Scientists have finally exposed an internal network that has been dormant for many years called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Internally we have cannabinoid receptors on our brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, immune cells waiting to be activated and nourished.

The ECS is responsible for managing homeostasis. It balances and regulates our body including our Central Nervous System (CNS), Immune System, and Muscular System. Nourishing your ECS is critical if you have concerns with daily energy, stress, physical pain, or a serious health condition.

Our bodies do not produce enough cannabinoids naturally. The last 70 years no CBD was being ingested to activate the receptors. When our ECS is not working it leads to many health and pain issues that our modern medicine cannot heal. We now have full access of pure CBD oil which is a superfood supplement to the ECS. Once the ECS has what it needs to properly function we begin to heal naturally.

CBD oil is fast becoming a major player in our health and wellness care. Popularity is being driven by the people because it works and doesn’t have side effects of pharmaceuticals. It is natural and needed.

CBD comes directly from the industrial hemp plant. The CO2 extraction process is very important to get a pure product. You want hemp that is grown in the US and is organic and non-GMO. The facility should be FDA compliant and 3rd party testing results should be available. I highly recommend Hempworx CBD - available at Our Spa.

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