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Elevate Your Wellness with CBD Oil

I have know my purpose for a long time. I was drawn to achieving wellness using natural ways before “natural” and “wellness” were popular.

I went to massage school 20+ years ago. Back then it wasn’t unusual to hear terms like “masseuse” and “massage parlors”. Massage was considered either a luxury expense or borderline prostitution. I was attracted to massage for the wellness benefits. I carried around a beeper so I would know if I was scheduled an appointment and would have to find the nearest pay phone to call in. The only other people with beepers were doctors and drug dealers - a far cry from massage therapist.

Even my pregnancy and births were more on the natural side. My kids wore cloth diapers and were raised on organic foods before it became trendy. I breastfed before there were laws to protect breastfeeding. I studied everything about natural living and wellness. I guess I was considered a radical, tree hugger, a hippie. I was actually living in ways before they became mainstream.

Here it goes again. CBD oil hits the market. Still brand new but is quickly becoming mainstream. Natural healing without the high. Still much educating to do about this miraculous plant and all the benefits but it is quickly becoming mainstream. Why? Because it works and it works really well.

Being in the wellness industry, I wanted to explore this “liquid gold”. I know my client base and am continually looking for avenues to achieve a higher level of wellness. I started researching everything about CBD. I am very particular, only the purest product will pass my expectations. Must be organic, non-GMO, with pure ingredients.

When I tried full-spectrum Hempworx CBD drops, I was blown away. I didn’t think I needed it but I wanted to try it before I recommended it for my clients. Now I don’t want to be without it.

What is it doing for me? My sleep is better. I am having dreams (I missed you REM sleep!). My energy is better. My concentration has improved. I have a lot less stress and anxiety. My inflammation has gone away. My skin is brighter and healthier. My fingernails and hair are growing and healthy. I no longer stress eat or crave sugar.

Ready to give CBD a try?

More info?

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