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CBD for Pain Management Post-OP

I recently had multiple hernia repair surgery. It was needed for years but either didn’t have health insurance or not good health insurance. One of my biggest concerns was the pain medication I was going to be prescribed. I very rarely take an ibuprofen or Excederine. I wasn’t interested in taking anything addictive or with side effects. I also don’t like to be under the influence of anything. I needed to be able to drive my kids places. My surgeon sent me home with a prescription for pain I never filled.

Day 1 Surgery was in the morning and I was home by lunchtime, feeling some pain. The first thing I did was take 1/2 dropper of Hempworx 500 CBD oil under the tongue. This seemed to relax me immediately and make me more comfortable. I continued to take 1/2 dropper sublingually about every 4 hours that first day. I was able to feel just some soreness from the surgery.

Day 2 My morning started out with 1/2 dropper of Hempworx 500. I didn’t need it as frequently as day one. I was able to remain pain free with about a dose every 6-8 hours. The one big thing I noticed is that I wasn’t stressed and the CBD was able to relax me.

Day 3 I am feeling much stronger and not as uncomfortable. I am moving around almost as normal. I am surprised that my recovery is going so well. I am taking my Hempworx 500 about every 8-10 hours.

Day 4 With the exception of getting in/out of bed and cars I feel great! I am doing my normal 2 times a day with my Hempworx 500 CBD. I am on the way to a full recovery and was able to avoid a pain prescription and all the side effects that go with it.

Pain Management Post-OP with CBD

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