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Massage Services
Custom Massage (1 hr) $125
Executive Massage (90 min) $175
Men's Therapeutic Massage + (90 min) $150
Custom Experience (2-3 hrs) $195
*Senior Spa (2 hrs) $135
*Actively Retired Massage (1 hr) $95
*Mini Actively Retired (40 min) $75
*Senior Migun (30 min) $20
 *(65+ M-Th 10-3) 
Custom Massage 1 hr $125
Our Spa massage therapists custom a massage tailored to your needs using a variety of techniques.  Upgrades Included as needed (per therapist)
Comphy Sheets
Pure oils/lotions (fractionated coconut)
Herbal hot towel compress
Hot Stones
CBD Topical spot treatment (as needed)
Men's Therapeutic Massage
90 min $150
All upgrades included!
This massage uses deeper pressure and applies massage cupping with extra time spent on the larger muscle groups including the lower back and shoulders and legs. The therapist works to soften tight muscles, tone attachments, loosen adhesions, and bring hydration back into the muscles. Hot towels put the finishing touches on this popular service. 60 minute custom massage + choice
of 30 minute spa treatment: Infrared Sauna, Migun Therapy, or Medical Massage Chair.
Custom Experience
(2-3 hrs) $195
90 min - Custom Massage combined with the infrared sauna,  Migun therapy, and medical massage chair
Make wellness part of your regular routine!



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All massage services by
Paige Bickar, LMT
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